OdedFehr.net is 15 Years old!

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On July 20, 2017, my first fansite with a domain: OdedFehr.net became 15 years old !

This fansite started out as a Yahoo Group which is still online (not active) at:

Also I maintain a Presidio Med fansite and Yahoo Group: - still online (not active)

Oded Fehr played Dr. Nicholas Kokoris on Presidio Med.  After Presidio Med was canceled in 2003, OdedFehr.net was put on long term hiatus until 2016 when I started to breathe some life into the fansite.

The main reason why the fansite was on such a long hiatus cause I wanted to focus development of fansites on other talented actors and Oded Fehr already had several wonderful fansites devoted to him.

For seminal reasons, I've been renewing the domain each year with part of me still wanting to run a fansite on Oded.
Currently I'm in the process of moving OdedFehr.net to a new platform at Afansite.net.  
I'm hoping with the new collaboration platform on afansite.net that Oded Fehr fans will start to become more active and together we can develop OdedFehr.net.

If you like to see the new site, go to: https://afansite.net/oded-fehr/
Please let me know what you think?